Reflection: Navigating Life After Teaching

Kaohsiung, Taiwan
22.627278400000, 120.301435300000
Journal Entry:

Upon learning that all Fulbright teachers had to end teaching prematurely and return to the United States, I was in a state of confusion and shock. Firstly, I was devastated to see the virus had spread to other parts of the world. Secondly, I still felt excited to kickstart the second semester with new classroom activities now that I was in rhythm with co-teaching and learning in the classroom. Thirdly, I was frustrated, as Taiwan has been proactively handling and monitoring the coronavirus situation with regulations enforced and face masks provided. (As of today, Taiwan only has had 435 cases and 7 deaths.) Because it was much safer in Taiwan, I decided to stay.

Staying in Taiwan came with its challenges of having to adjust to a new lifestyle, however. With more than two-thirds of the entire Fulbright Taiwan cohort leaving, only 40 teachers were left in the country. Moreover, without a busy teaching schedule that involved lesson planning, workshops, and conferences, my weekends and weekdays suddenly became very available.

To acclimate to this new schedule, I leaned on community. My close Fulbright friend moved in with my current housemate, and from that day on, the three of us became inseparable.