Adiós España

Irvine, California
Journal Entry:

Today I said “Adios” to Madrid and hopped on a plane back to my hometown of Irvine, California. Saying goodbye was bitter sweet. Over the past five months, Madrid has become my second home and my new friends have become my family. I will miss Madrid, but I am excited to get back to California and see my friends and family. Just like I have shared my experiences with you, I plan to share them with everyone back at home.

I am so glad that you’ve gotten to come along with me on my study abroad journey. Together, we explored the unique Spanish culture, the Madrid environment, Spanish traditions, European cuisine and so much more! I hope that you learned a little bit about the wonderful Spanish lifestyle through my experiences and feel inspired to seek new adventures. I encourage all of you to explore the world, take every opportunity you can and follow your dreams.