Sienna's Journey to South Korea

Current Location

Seoul, South Korea

Aloha! I'm Sienna, and this semester I have the opportunity to study with local Korean students at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, South Korea. Let's explore together!


While I haven't really left Seoul, things are changing here. It is getting closer and closer to winter. The temperature is dropping at night. The leaves are changing. But what else has changed?


Do you share your room? How much privacy do you like? Let me show you how I am living here in South Korea!

Field Notes

You can find everything in Seoul. Themed cafes are popular in Korea, especially animal themed ones. In Seogyodong, Meerkat Friends Cafe lets you interact with these exotic animals.


As the second tallest tower in Seoul, Namsan Tower functions as a broadcasting tower. People from everywhere come to see the Seoul skyline from here. Around 8.4 million people visit each year!