Integrating Into My Community

Rabat Morocco
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Journal Entry:

The reason that I chose to study abroad in Morocco is to challenge myself with integrating into a community with a different language. The process is extremely difficult because I have so many things that I want to share, but often lack the language skills to explain it to people in my community. The experience is extremely rewarding when I can successfully create connections with locals here, and I will outline some of the ways that I have made this happen.

One way that I have connected with the community is to make it a point to greet people that I see on a daily basis. I live and go to school in a neighborhood in Rabat named Agdal, and because I live and learn here, I have the opportunity to interact with a lot of the same people daily. When I leave for school, I pass by the same restaurant daily, and I make it a point to wave hello to the cashier, Ayoub. He is really kind to me, always smiling and helping me with my Arabic when I come to eat there, which I do often. While I cannot completely converse with Ayoub, I do get to create a sense of community with him. He knows my name and I know his name.