Sean's Journey to Morocco

Current Location

Merrakech Morocco

Hi, I'm Sean! Are you ready to tour Morocco, learn Arabic phrases, see breathtaking achitecture, try new foods and meet exciting people with me? If so, let's go!


Sean takes a trip to Morocco's largest city, Casablanca, and I'll share with you here some of my adventures!


I will talk about how I've integrated into my Moroccan community and the difficulties that I have faced with the language barrier. 

Field Notes

In this article, I will highlight the difference between geography in Morocco. Most people think of the desert when they think of Morocco, but the Atlas mountain region is a beautiful wooded area.


Hey PS 218, 

I wanted to introduce you to some of the kids that I teach English to at the Dar Chabab in Rabat. The kids are just like you and would love to talk to you guys sometime! I hope you enjoy!