Holidays Abroad and a Wedding!

Taichung, Taiwan
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Journal Entry:

This past weekend was a really fun and interesting one for me. It started with a trip to Taipei, which is the capital of Taiwan. The American program that I work for, called Fulbright, generously hosted a Thanksgiving Party for all 150+ of us who work for them in Taiwan. They also paid for our travel to Taipei and our hotel for the night. It is always really exciting to get to attend a Fulbright event because it is a chance for us to interact with other Americans.

What was particularly impressive about this dinner was that Fulbright had managed to get their hands on several turkeys and some good pumpkin pie. We all feasted on the food and enjoyed spending time together. It was a good night that reminded us of home, which is important because you miss home when you live abroad for a long period of time. There are all sorts of things that you miss, but the holiday season is extra difficult. That is why it is important to focus on the positives and celebrate with your new friends in whatever way you can.

After sleeping in the next day, I had to hurry to Taipei’s high speed rail station so that I could catch the high speed train back to Taichung. On a high speed train, the 180 mile distance between Taichung and Taipei can be covered in roughly 50 minutes!