R'Mon's Journey to Thailand

Current Location

Mae Taeng Province, Thailand

Hello! My name is R'Mon Harvell and this semester I am submerging myself in Thai culture by studying subjects like Buddhism and daily communication (in Thai!) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Join me!


Take a look at the wonderful travels I was able to do throughout some of my fall break!


This past weekend, I trekked 25 miles through the mountains of Chiang Mai and had the chance to learn about a lifestyle vastly different to my own. Read on to see what life's like for a hill tribe!

Field Notes

Let's meet some really large majestic creatures, elephants, as well as some small creatures that thrive within the jungle!  Join me on my trek through the mountains!


Take a look at some of the things I interact with and activities I take part in on a regular basis here in Chiang Mai!