Rachel's Journey to Israel

Current Location

Tel Aviv Israel

Hi, I'm Rachel, and right now I am in Israel interning at a company focused on improving cancer treatment. I am living in Tel Aviv, a large, bustling city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


The end of March and beginning of April is a very exciting time in Israel. We celebrate Purim, a Jewish holiday that is marked by a lot of costumes and fun. This year is also an election year!


Here's my last journal entry! I have so enjoyed sharing Israel with you, and I hope you feel like you got a glimpse inside this tiny and interesting country. Thanks for reading!

Field Notes

Israel is a very diverse place. Citizens come from all over the world, and all call Israel their home. This means that Israeli society also needs to provide food and housing for all these people.


This past week we celebrated Passover, a holiday which remembers when Jews were slaves in Egypt in ancient times. I asked friends for some pictures of their seder plates to share with you.