iAdios! Farewell!

Costa Rica
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Journal Entry:

I hope by sharing this journey with you, I have sparked interest and excitment for living and studying abroad! In sharing my personal experiences in Costa Rica I also I have tried to teach you all about the many things that makes the country so great! I am pleased I got to share my photos and stories with you all and, in the process of doing this, got to relive my time abroad in Costa Rica!

During our time learning about Costa Rica, we reflected on the unique characteristics that make this small country stand out. We explored the types of animals and plants that are native to Costa Rica. From the dogs and horses in and around Cartago to the sloths high up in the forests to the bats inside the Venado Caves, there is an abundant amount of wildlife found in Costa Rica. We also learned about the delicious foods and important traditions that are celebrated throughout the country. There are many more topics we could have explored but didn't have the time! I hope our discussion has sparked your interest in Costa Rica! As my journey comes to an end, I encourage you all to reflect on the importance of recognizing different cultures and practices in your life. Take some time to think about how your home country may be similar or different to a country you hope to visit in the future. 

Anyone can be a traveler!