Olivia's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Moreda Asturias

Hi! I'm Olivia Panda and I'm currently a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Asturias, Spain. I can't wait to share this amazing journey with you!


The Valle de Aller, or Aller Valley is situated in a very rural part of Asturias. Both of my school assignments are in Aller. The towns in Aller are completely different from Oviedo, where I live!


After living in Spain for about a month, I am finally starting to get used to things like the daily schedule and the dialect of Spanish that is spoken here.

Field Notes

The festival of Saint Martin is the most important celebration of the year in the Aller Valley. The celebration lasts all day, and all of the citizens are involved.


The Lakes of Covadonga are located in the Picos de Europa mountains, near the towns of Covadonga and Cangas de Onis. These places are both beautiful and full of history!