Nyima's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Hirakata City, Osaka

こんにちわ! Hi there! I look forward to sharing my experiences in Osaka, Japan with you all. Let's immerse ourselves in Japanese society and culture together!


It's hard to believe that I have been in Japan for just two and a half weeks; I've already  learned so much that it feels like at least a month! Here are some new facts from my location! 


Within just a few weeks, I have learned and experienced so much in Japan! And rather than just travel  todestinations, I have also added a new priority to my Journey to Japan list!

Field Notes

The Japanese people believe that kami, or God, resides in every aspect of nature. Within the past few weeks, I have also learned new ways to co-exist with water and the environment. 


Over the weekend, I spent time with some of the senior citizens of Hirakata City. The seniors taught our international student group about activities that are special to Japanese society and culture!