Melissa's Journey to Mexico

Current Location


Hi, I'm Melissa, and this year I am living in Mexico City studying Mexican piano music at the National Conservatory. I love exploring Mexico's enchanting art, culture, and music. Join me!


In today's Logbook, I discuss what daily life is like in Mexico City - the fifth largest city in the world!


In this final journal, Melissa recaps the many adventures she and her husband have been on together in Mexico and also shares photos from her Spring Break trip!

Field Notes

In today's post, I discuss several Mexican Holidays. I begin with discussing "puentes" (long weekends) and go on to describe Independence Day (September) and Día de Muertos (November).


Hi friends! Today I've put together an album of photos from my adventures in Mexico. Click through the images to meet my friends and travel with me to my favorite museums, neighborhoods, and sights!