Why does the community have this tradition?:

Christmas markets designed both to celebrate the holiday season and also to experience the traditions that people have during that time of year. At the Christmas Market you can, for instance, enjoy the traditional food of the region while also buying your Christmas shopping from local small businesses and artists. 


Is this tradition connected to its environment? How?:

The most notable connection between the Christmas Market tradition and the environment is the tree! Christmas anywhere isn't complete without a Christmas tree somewhere on display, but what that tree looks like changes depending on where you go. In Monaco, for example, the usual big Christmas tree doesn't grow there naturally, so they often put lights in the palm trees! In Italy, they have tall trees but not the triangle shape we are used to: their trees were tall and thin. Switzerland had the trees we're most used to seeing, the giant triangle shaped trees, which they placed right in the center of town.

Nice, France