Maryam's Journey to France

Current Location

Bonjour! Hello! My name is Maryam, and I recently went on an amazing journey to France. I love investigating new languages and the wider world. Let's re-live my experiences abroad together!


In France, they don't have Thanksgiving, so no Thanksgiving break. However, they do have a fall break in November, which is when I visited a few cities with my program and then visited my cousins.


While my program in France came to an end, my travels in Europe were far from over with a trip to see family in England, and even a layover in Iceland!

Field Notes

No matter how big the city, or how bad the weather, the Christmas market must go on! Christmas Markets were so much fun, even for someone like me who doesn't celebrate Christmas.


I convinced my friends to visit and take a road trip with me during the last week of my program here in France!