Traveler Bio

Santiago, Chile
-33.448889700000, -70.669265500000
Journal Entry:

Hi everyone! I am Leslie Vergara, a recently graduated alumna of Davidson College in North Carolina. The main reasons why I was able to travel internationally, and my first time domestically, were always from the opportunities at school. In high school, I received a scholarship from The British American Foundation of Texas (BAFTX) to travel to London fully paid. The first image of the side is me visiting Stamford Bridge where Chelsea F.C. plays. Since that travel, my interest grew stronger, and I seeked opportunities in college. The second image of the right side was taken in Oaxaca, Mexico when I studied for a full semester to learn about the current realities and human impacts of undocumented migration, border enforcement and the related international political and social tensions. Being able to learn from a book or classroom is definitely interesting. However, learning at the actual place that the history or current events are taking place is much more rewarding for your education.  

This summer SIT Study Abroad allowed me to participate in a virtual internship experience with Liceo Herbert Vargas Wallis (HVW), an organization that provides education and other resources to incarcerated men in Santiago, Chile.