Lauren's Journey to Kosovo

Current Location

Pristina, Kosovo

Tung! Hello! My name is Lauren, and I’m a journalist living in Prishtina, Kosovo. Prishtina is a young and vibrant city with lots of stories to tell. I’m excited to share some of my own with you!


The weather was cold, but not as cold as last week, so I put on my snow boots and took a trip north to visit a friend in one of Kosovo's most interesting cities!


Time sure does fly, doesn't it? This is my last Journal entry to you, a "goodbye"... or maybe just a "see you later!" Thanks for traveling with me.

Field Notes

Because Kosovo is Europe's youngest country, it seeks a lot of assistance from international partners, which provide guidance and funding for Kosovar-led projects, especially in the arts!


Prizren is an old town in the southwest corner of Kosovo. When I have free time on the weekend, I like to catch a bus from Prishtina and visit this beautiful place!