Farewell, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea
37.566535000000, 126.977969200000
Journal Entry:

So much comes from living in a new place, especially one whose population speaks a totally different language. You arrive at the airport with your knees already shaking from the adrenaline of seeing words you can’t understand all around you! You think to yourself, “Will I be able to handle this?” You begin to run into some language barrier problems and charades becomes a game you play almost daily. Maybe you can’t tell a taxi driver where to take you or maybe you can’t figure out where your hotel is or how to ride the bus; everyday activities suddenly become so scary and nerve-racking. It’s so incredibly overwhelming at first!

Suddenly, like the flip of a switch, your stress scatters when you see the beautiful strings of lanterns hanging from building to building. You see small cafes all decorated uniquely and flower shops so full of beautiful flowers that they are hard to navigate! Everyone around you is speaking a different language, but it sounds so pretty and as the months go by, you start to understand them. The once-scary train station turns into a trip that you hardly think about. It’s almost if your legs just carry themselves to your destination, scanning through the turnstile and confidently boarding the train!