Getting Around Le Puy


France is a country known for its public transporation, especially its train system. There are high-speed trains, or trains de grande vitesse, that can take you from Paris to Marseille in only four hours. However, these high-speed trains run primarily from north to south and only stop at major cities. In order to reach a town like Le Puy, you have to take the regional train line which is much slower and makes many stops. This makes traveling by train from east to west or to small towns impractical. While owning a car might seem like a simple fix, the price of gas is more expensive in France than in the United States, so many people prefer to take the bus.

How do people get around?:

You can find two types of buses in Le Puy. These are the autobus, or city bus, and the autocar, coach buses that travel to different towns farther away. For my daily commute to work, I take an autobus. It's the preferred method of transportation for many middle and high school students in town, as well as for other adults who do not own cars or try to save money on gas. Instead of buying a ticket each time I hop aboard, I have a monthly bus pass. The pass alows me to get on as many buses as I want for the month. When I want to catch a bus, I walk to the central bus station or wait at a bus stop.