Kaity’s Journey to Lesotho

Current Location

Linakeng, Lesotho

Hi, I'm Kaity, a Peace Corps volunteer teaching 4th grade in Lesotho (pronounced Leh-Soo-Two). I have lived here for five months and will be here for two more years. I'm excited to share my journey!


Take a look at my logbook about my past week traveling from South Africa back to Linakeng. I also have a visitor from here from America, which is very fun!


It's time to get ready to say farewell! Read on as I recap some of the things we've learned today and encourage all of you to consider different jobs and explore the world! 

Field Notes

This field note is about traditional clothing in Lesotho. This clothing can be worn during celebrations such as birthdays and Moshoeshoe's Day, or just on a normal day!


This album features a short "Day in the Life" video depicting my fourth grade students. It shows them going to school and eating traditional foods.  It's a typical day for the kids of Linakeng!