Traveler Bio

My name is Julia, but my students know me as, Ms. Miller! I am currently living in Helsinki, Finland as I research early childhood play-based learning pedagogies. However, my passion is teaching, which is why I am spending my days in Finnish classrooms studying different cultural teaching methods. My dream is to create a play-program for young scholars who need an interactive outlet for their imagination. I am happy to share that this "dream program" will be used in my Philadelphia school next year!

I have been teaching for three years in North Philadelphia. Growing up in Bucks County, PA, I was always active in the arts and in sports, so I try to incorporate movement and music into my curriculum, too. I received my Bachelor's degree from Albright College, and afterward, Teach for America placed me in Philly where I earned a Graduate Certification at the University of Pennslyvania. Traveling is one of my favorite interests, but no matter where I go, Philly will always be home. 

My students drive my dedication to make positive changes to help further their educational success. In fact, when you enter Ms. Miller's classroom, we like to dance and sing while we learn; a recipe for knowledge! Although my journey began as a teacher, I am thrilled to share my worldly adventures, both inside and outside of the classroom!