From a Philly "Start to Finnish"

Helsinki, Finland
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Journal Entry:

Moi, Moi! (Hello!) My name is Julia, but you all know me as Ms. Miller. While you all have seen me out and about within the walls of People for People and around our Philadelphia community, I was born and raised right outside of Philly in a town called Newtown, Bucks County. Newtown is a suburban area with lots of trees, houses and farms. My favorite place to go on the weekends is the Newtown Farmer's Market, where they sell a lot of farm produce from the Pennyslvania Dutch. The food is always so fresh and it's fun to walk my dog, Beckham, around the market, too!

Pennsylvania has always been my home state, even after high school. I attended a small liberal arts school called Albright College where I studied political science and music business for four years. At Albright, I was president of my student government association and was involved in many clubs and leadership organizations on campus. As you might remember, I love to sing and play guitar. I tried my best to never miss a chance to perform at any of my college's talent shows or open mics! While my bachelor's degree was not in education, I have been passionate about teaching for as long as I can remember.