Joanne's Journey to Thailand

Current Location

Chang Rai, Thailand

Hi, I'm Joanne, and this fall I'm journeying from southeast Florida to southeast Asia in order to study in Thailand. Join me as I explore Thai culture, cuisine and current events!


This week, my classmates and I had the opportunity to visit Vientiane, the capital city of the country of Laos.


Farewell, class! On December 12th, I flew home from Thailand, which means that our time together is at an end as well. I hope you've enjoyed learning with me and that you'll follow your travel dreams.

Field Notes

The last village we visited on a community visit was Na Nong Bong, which is a village in a mountainous region of northeast Thailand that's fighting back against being polluted by nearby gold mining.


During our community visits to the Wanon Niwat and Na Nong Bong villages, we visited the gold mine, saw the Grandmas weaving scarves, participated in festivals and watched dances in parades!