Gaining New Perspectives

Salvador, Brazil
-12.972218513489, -38.501415252686
Journal Entry:

Everyone has a unique point of view in this world. One of the greatest values of studying abroad is talking to people and learning and understanding new perspectives. I have had many conversations with new people while traveling throughout South America. After learning from other people, I have gained pieces of wisdom about life. Let me share two stories that have opened my mind to new ways of living life.

In July, I participated in a capoeira class. Capoeira is a martial art and dance that began in the African communities during the days of slavery. Capoeira, to me, looks a lot like break dancing in regards to the body movements. Capoeiristas or performers of capoeira, move acrobatically. People walk on their hands, gracefully bending their perfectly balanced bodies to avoid the touch of their opponent. After our class, I asked the instructor, Cobra, how long it would take for someone to be good at capoeira. He said it’s not about time. Time is not real. It is about dedication. It’s about doing your very best. It’s about not letting fear prevent you from trying new things. This was very comforting advice that could be applied to any area of life. As I've entered adulthood, time is something I'm always aware of.