Jacqui's Expedition to Peru

Current Location

Hello, explorers! My name is Jacqui, and I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru! Join me as I use my civil engineering background to help protect communities' access to clean drinking water.


Hey there! Welcome to Chincha Baja, the southern coast of Peru. Let me share with you what a typical week looks like living and working here.


Did you know Peru has many coasts, mountains, and jungles? Get to know the Afro-Peruvian capital of Peru. The southern coast is full of amazing food, dancing, and music!

Field Notes

Hope you are hungry! Come along as I show you some amazing foods we eat here in Peru, everything from cow hearts to my favorite, papa a la huancaina (potatoes with a creamy sauce).  



Let's journey LIVE to Peru once again with Peace Corps Volunteer Jacqui, who goes into further detail about how her civil engineering skills help solve problems related to water safety and use.