Gaborone , Botswana
-24.628207900000, 25.923147100000
Journal Entry:

As we come to an end, I am happy for the experiences that I have shared with you. We got to see a lot of animals, food, traditions and cultures. We even traveled to other African countries together, such as Zimbabwe, where we saw the worlds largest waterfall. We learned how to get around Gaborone using a khombi or taxi. 

My favorite part about my journey in Africa was traveling and seeing a lot of animals. My favorite animal is the elephant. I had the chance to be right in front of one! I experienced the world's gentle giant in the continent of the cradle of humanity. 

Although I was terrified of most of the bugs in the city, I was able to overcome my fears and live peacefully for two months. I experienced the culture by visiting weddings, living in the village and observing clinics in the city. Visiting the worlds largest waterfall was the coolest thing I did in my life. 

It was so nice living in Botswana and being able to compare the lifestyles here to back home. I enjoyed sharing my experiences with you all! I hope I have encouraged everyone to venture out into the world and dare to be different. I hope you all go into the world and learn from my experiences. Though this is goodbye, it is just the beginning of your adventures!