Isabelle's Journey to Paraguay

Current Location

Asuncion, Paraguay

Hello! My name is Isabelle, and I am currently studying country development through innovation in Paraguay. I have loved my experience so far and cannot wait to share this culture with you!


This week, I had the chance to celebrate New Year's in Paraguay! It was very fun to see how different cultures and traditions celebrate the holiday.


As they say in Spanish, hasta luego, or 'until later'! It has been really fun getting to meet you all, and I loved sharing my experiences here in Paraguay.

Field Notes

Coming from New England in the United States, I am used to seeing oak trees and maple trees, lots of deer and sometimes foxes. But Paraguay has a completely different climate and wildlife! 


This weekend I went to the Centro Cultural de la República Museo, which means 'Cultural Center of the Republic Musuem.' I took photos of the historical artifacts and art I found to share with you.