Hannah's Journey to Jordan

Current Location

Amman, Jordan

Hi, I'm Hannah, and I'm currently working in Amman, Jordan as a Product Manager Fellow at Bayt.com, a leading job website in the Middle East. Join me as I explore this fascinating place!


Last week I traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirites (UAE). My friend from Minnesota was on a work trip there, so she invited me to stay in her huge apartment with bedrooms and five bathrooms!


Where is home? In short, home for me is where my family and friends are. In this case, I have multiple homes: one in Minnesota and one in Amman. Read on to learn more about what home means to me.

Field Notes

At my workplace (and in Jordanian life), birthdays are a big deal. For each birthday, we give a birthday present, sing "Happy Birthday" and eat cake together.


I enjoy spending time at coffee shops, visiting historical sights in the city and spending time with friends. Here are a few of my favorite places and faces!