Halima's Journey to Ghana

Current Location

Accra Ghana

Akwaaba (Welcome) to Ghana! Nailah and I are super excited to explore and share our adventures in Ghana with you. Let's embark on a journey of education, history and culture together!


Greetings! Wo ho te sen? This means, "How are you?" in Twi. The normal response is, "Me ho ye" ("I'm fine"). These are just a few of the expressions I've learned in Twi. Let's explore more of Ghana!


This week, Nailah and I have been working hard on intergrading into the Ghanaian community in Accra by becoming more socially active and finding ways to meet new people. Come take a look and see!

Field Notes

My first experience with transportation in Accra was a scary one. I had no real knowledge of how to get around with all of the heavy traffic. Over time, I've begun to relax and explore the city.


Akwaaba...Greetings! Here are a few photos of my journey in Ghana with Nailah. Although we have only been here for two months, we have seen so much. Please take a look at our adventures so far!