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What main languages are spoken here?:

In the Flanders region, Dutch is primarily spoken. Belgium also has French and German speaking regions! On a recent trip to Brussles this week, I had to get used to switching from Dankewel (which is "Thank You" in Dutch) to Merci (in French). This language barrier can be confusing when you are at the city limits of Brussels, the capital city, because right outside of Brussels is Flanders. 

What type of money is used here?:

Euros! Much of the European Union uses euros, but I went on a recent trip to London (which is in the process of leaving the European Union). In the U.K., pounds sterling are used. A British Pound equals about 1.15 Euros. 

Tea in London costs 3 Pounds, how many euros is that? (Answer: 3.45!) 

How much does a bottle of water cost?:

A bottle of water costs 0.45 euros at a supermarket, or 2-3 euros at a restaurant. It is wise to bring a bottle of water with you when you go out to eat because water is never given for free at restuarants like it is in the U.S.A.! 

What was the best meal this week?:

One of the colleagues that I work with is Turkish, and she gave me a recipe for a Turkish Lentil soup. I made it today, and it was amazing! It has notes of cumin, turmeric, and even mint!