Street food extravaganza


My experience with Belgian food has really been experienced on the street. Belgium certainly has a traditional cuisine to offer -- including mussles, meatballs, and a specially-prepared steak -- but since I am primarily vegetarian and on a student budget, I have opted for the quick bites, served to me in a paper cone or by a stall in the city's main square.

What food did I try?:

I have definitely helped reinforce the Belgian food stereotype: the most common foods I have eaten since coming here have definitely been fries and waffles.  I have eaten each dish at least twice a week, which is certainly not a sustainable practice. Nonetheless, I have, in the process of eating these staple Belgian snacks, learned a thing or two about them.  

First off, waffles.  Waffles come in two varieties: Brussels-style and Liege-style (Brussels and Liege both being cities in Belgium). The Brussels variety is a crispy, light waffle - most similar to American waffles. Brussels waffles are typically served with toppings like chocolate, whipped cream, and fruit. Liege-style waffles are denser, and coated with sticky sugar. Liege waffles can be eaten on their own, and are my personal favorite.

Secondly, fries.  Fries can be found at any frituur - essentially a fried snack shop. You buy them in a paper cone and can choose from one of 30+ sauces.