All's Fair in "German" Fare

Berlin, Germany
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Journal Entry:

To be honest, most of what traditional German fare has to offer includes cabbage, potatoes and pork.  And, of course, there's chocolate -- lots and lots of chocolate.  But that's really about everything when it comes to national German foods. Even a quick trip to a grocery store or (in the city) a supermarket will show you that there isn't much variety in this culture's everyday meals. So are brats, sauerkraut and potato salad all that you can expect out of Germany?

Far from it!  As it turns out, more than offering its own traditional foods, German culture prides itself on the wide selection of international dishes at its disposal. In Konstanz alone, a university town of 80,000 people, there are 244 restaurants, taverns and cafés. Not bad, right? And when you walk up and down the streets, you quickly notice that most of these places are not "German" at all... at least in terms of the menus themselves. Since our arrival in September, Jenny and I have eaten at restaurants here with all kinds of cultural backgrounds, including Turkish, Indian, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and even Mexican and Russian. Attached you'll find pictures from one of our favorite restaurants in Konstanz, simply called China Restaurant, with orders of crispy duck and sweet-and-sour chicken.