Cheetah Conservation in Namibia

Current Location

Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Big cat lover? Journey to Namibia to see how the Cheetah Conservation Fund is helping the world's fastest land mammal survive in the midst of increased human-wildlife conflict in Africa. 


The Cheetah Conservation Fund's center in Namibia is a collection of 10 farms, all linked together, that cover an area of 222 square miles (or 575 square kilometers)!


It may seem strange that a dog and a cat can be friends, but at the Cheetah Conservation Fund, dogs help save cheetahs from extinction in several ways!

Field Notes

Transportation around the cheetah capital of the world is fairly easy. The most common way to get around here is by car or public transportation, which is supported by Namibia's road networks. 


Travel virtually to Namibia to meet cheetah expert Dr. Laurie Marker! See cheetahs and a guard dogs at Cheetah Conservation Fund's center, and learn what you can do to support cheetah conservation!