Charlotte's Journey to China

Current Location

Beijing, China

Hi! I'm Charlotte. I'm a scientist studying snow leopards in China! I live in Beijing and travel a lot to do my research. Let's explore the culture and history of this incredible country together!


I really enjoy living in Beijing, but spend a lot of time in a much smaller city called Yushu. 


It takes many people coming together to save snow leopards. These not only include scientists, government officials and professors, but also the people who live in snow leopard habitat.

Field Notes

Getting to know the lives of other people living in China is an important component to learning about Chinese culture and experiences. I've been lucky to make many friends, including Dai Yunchuan. 


Once we return from a snow leopard habitat with our scat samples our work is far from over. We now need to get the DNA from the scat to learn about the snow leopards in the habitats we work in.