A Walk Around Old Pamplona


In this picture, school just got out and lots of kids and parents are walking around! The road on the right is where bulls run out from during the Running of the Bulls Festival, and to the left are old apartment buildings. See how narrow the streets are!
A newer neighborhood in Pamplona. Can you spot the differences between newer neighborhoods like this one and the older city?
The Monumento al Encierro commemorates the Running of the Bulls and people who have been injured or passed away because of the bulls. Can you see how scared the bull runners are?
After school, kids play in the playground in front of Pamplona's Public Library
Built in 1689, the Puerta de Socorro (Relief Port) is one of the last-standing entrances to Pamplona. Back then, you had to cross six bridges and pass body guards that controlled all of the entrances!
Located in the General Archives of Pamplona, here is a model of Pamplona in the year 1900. Notice how flat everything was back then, but now there are countless apartment buildings all around!
The Plaza del Castillo is the central point of Pamplona, surrounded by bars, cafes and stores
This is the Portal de Francia, which is what remains of an old city gate to Pamplona from France