Traveler Bio

Hi, I'm Carlos! I am a scientist studying how global climate change affects tiny animals in peatlands in Northern Ontario, Canada.

From a very young age, I realized that I liked animals. In school, science was always my favorite discipline. I decided in high school that I wanted to do something that involved science and animals. So, years later I became an ecologist: a scientist studying different animals and their relationship with each other and with the environment where they live.

After graduation, I worked as a field biologist for mining companies looking at the biodiversity of caves! My job was to go to really dark caves using a headlamp to collect insects and spiders. Understanding what animals live in which caves and why they live there was the most exciting part of my job. After some years I decided to change everything: I really wanted to go back to school to specialize in tiny animals living in soils. So, I moved from Brazil to Canada, where I'm now almost finished with my Ph.D.

I'm excited for you to join me on this virtual exchange expedition! Together we will journey into Ontario's peatlands to collect soil samples. Back in the lab, we will use a microscope to unlock the hidden world inside this soil and see why mites are little animals with big jobs. Let's explore together!