Traveler Bio

Hi! My name is Arianna Pizzuti, and I am originally from Pollock Pines, CA, a little town in Northern California, way up in the mountains. Back at home, we receive a lot of snow, so some of my favorite activities are to go skiing and enjoy a nice cup of tea by the fire. When I got accepted into my university, UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara) I was very excited, because as much as I love the snow, I also love the beach, and UCSB is right by the ocean! When I am in college I love to travel to nearby big cities (like Los Angeles!), eat at new restaurants, and of course learn from the many books I read (I am an English major). I love my major because I can focus on what makes me happiest: reading and writing. This is also why I chose to come to Singapore! I am going into teaching and want to learn more about how students (like you!) learn and grow, and how people in other countries view education. I am keeping an eye out for special practices and moments that give me an enlightened perspective of the world and I will make sure to share with you everything I discover! Whether it be in school or daily life, there is so much to see!