I Bid Thee Farewell, Difference Makers!

Zugdidi, Georgia
Journal Entry:

Dear Difference Makers,

I have been living in Georgia since January of this year. Now, the time has come for my adventure to come to an end. I will be going home within the next week. And though I do miss home, I am also very sad. In Georgia, I have made many friends. My routines are set, and I know my way around the country. Where I am volunteering could eventually turn into a job. But, I knew since I first arrived here that I would eventually return home. I knew not to get too attached, but I still did.

Georgia is a lot different from home. The country itself is a lot greener. The streets are smaller. Outside of Tbilisi, everywhere feels welcoming. The locals will invite you inside and cook you a warm meal. The best foods anywhere are homemade. The food here is a lot less processed. The fruits aren’t as large but taste better. A lot of the produce is locally produced. People from outside of Tbilisi will come in every day and bring new fruits, vegetables and spices. Even the meat is hand raised. The cows and pigs are given freedom to roam the streets. They graze on whatever grass is available until it is finally time to return home.

In the schools, the students here are required to learn three languages: English, Russian and Georgian. I can have discussions with most of the youth, but not the older generation.