April's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Starbroek, Belgium

Hi! My name is April and I'm from Los Angeles, California. Join me as I journey to Dresden, Germany this year to conduct research, explore German culture and try new things. Let's go!


Guten Morgen und Willkommen in Dresden! That German for "Good morning and welcome to Dresden!" This week, I came back from my vacation to the Netherlands and started researching again! 


This week I met with leaders of a regional political group about local issues. But the meetings reminded me of the arduous process of learning languages.

Field Notes

For this post, I interviewed a friend, Daniel Langner. Daniel recently moved to Berlin to start a new job at a U.S. firm.


I attended E.U. and N.A.T.O. events with 45 Fulbright recipients across Europe. One Fulbrighter, Colin Cutler, played his banjo and harmonica during the trip, and I have included a video of him.