Inside the Kremlin


To enter the Kremlin, you walk through an adjacent public park
There is only one entrance and exit into the Kremlin for tourists
This is the State Duma, where the Russian parliament meets. Concerts are also held here. It doesn't look very tall, because there are almost ten stories underground
This is Russia's equivalent to the White House. President Putin lives here around half of the time; you'll know that he's home if the flag is flying
Every corner of the Kremlin has clock towers, this one being the most famous. They ring every hour and play classical music every three hours
Czar Cannon, known to be the biggest in the world. Czar, the Russian word for king, is also used in reference to something being very big
This is Czar Bell. It once hung in one of the clock towers at the Kremlin and broke on its first ring
This is one of the famous churches in the Kremlin. The coronation of every czar and czarina happened in this church