Andrew's Journey to Costa Rica

Current Location

My name is Andrew! Follow my journey as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica! Here you'll learn about traditions, food, people, and nature, and what it's like to be an American in Costa Rica!


This week is a very special week. It's called Semana Santa or "Holy Week" and it occurs during the week leading up to Easter (La Pascua in Spanish). Most people are off school/work during this week.


In this final journal, I’ll be talking about my journey to the tallest point in Costa Rica…Mt. Chirripó!

Field Notes

Independence Day, or Día de independencia, is celebrated on September 15th each year in Costa Rica. This day is filled with celebrations to commemorate Central America's freedom from Spain in 1821.


Three weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. I visited a beach town that's called Puerto Viejo as well as a national park called Cahuita. Here are some photos!