Alyssa's Journey to Samoa

Current Location

Maui, Hawaii

Hi! I'm Alyssa, and I am currently studying abroad in Apia, Samoa where I am studying social and environmental change in Oceania. Are you ready to explore these beautiful Pacific islands with me?


I recently visited the To-Sua Ocean Trench and swam in the Pacific Ocean. I swam alongside a sea turtle and saw other animals like sea cucumbers, giant clams and colorful parrotfish!


I will always treasure the memories of my four months living as a Pacific Islander in Samoa, the happy ones, the surprising ones and the frustrating ones. I've learned a lot, and I hope you have too!

Field Notes

In Samoa, family and community are highly valued. One specific community that I learned about in Samoa is the Christian community, which treats its members like family.


Thank you all for your wonderful questions! I'll try to answer as many questions about my time in Samoa and my new internship at NASA as I can. Enjoy!