Hailey's Journey to Hong Kong

Current Location

Seogwipo, Jejudo, South Korea

Hello, my name is Hailey! I am an exchange student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong studying psychology and Mandarin. Join me on my journey as I explore Hong Kong culture!


This past week I got to explore the South Korean island of Jejudo. I spent six days in a hostel and got the chance to see lots of natural wonders and try new cuisine!


It can be intimidating to travel where no one speaks the same language as you, but it can also open your eyes to all new types of communication.

Field Notes

While not as common in the U.S., food streets are an easy way to discover new cuisines in Asia and are especially plentiful in South Korea. Here I'll introduce you to a couple of dishes I've enjoyed!


This month, I got a chance to fly solo to the small island of Jejudo in South Korea! Known as the Hawaii of South Korea, Jejudo is full of natural wonders, good food and charming culture.