Audrey's Journey to Spain

Current Location


This year I'm studying the human brain in Barcelona, Spain. I'm excited to learn more about Spain's people, language and culture, and above all, I can't wait to share my experiences with you!


Do you think you'd like the island lifestyle? After reading this article about my weekend on the island of Ibiza, I bet you will! Jump onboard! I'll share stories about hidden beaches and jellyfish!


This Journal is the last that we will share together. However, it is the beginning of your journey as global citizens. In this post, I reflect on living abroad and sharing my stories with you all.

Field Notes

Barcelona, Spain offers its residents many outdoor spaces, such as parks, plazas and even playas (beaches). These spaces bring people of all ages and neighborhoods together, building a community.


Lying 83 km outside of Barcelona is Tarragona, a quaint beach town filled with Roman ruins. These include an old aqueduct, a cathedral, a "circ" (arena for entertainment), and an old amphitheatre!