Audrey's Journey to Spain

Current Location


This year I'm studying the human brain in Barcelona, Spain. I'm excited to learn more about Spain's people, language and culture, and above all, I can't wait to share my experiences with you!


Barcelona sure sent some fair weather my way for this first week in my new home! In this Logbook, I'll not only talk about Barcelona's weather and nature, but also it's languages, currency and travel.


Hello! In this Journal, I hope that you will get to know me a little bit more. I will also be sharing a bit about why I decided to make Barcelona, Spain my new home for the next year!

Field Notes

Bueno provecho! means, "Enjoy your meal!" In this Field Note, I'll describe some of my favorite foods in Spain. I'll also talk a little bit about the influence of the Mediterranean diet in Barcelona.


In this album, I will share photos from two day trips I took to the Costa Brava, or "Wild Coast" of Spain. This coast is filled with beautiful beaches, ancient ruins and some cool underwater animals!