Women of the Weddell Sea Expedition

Olive King is a documentary producer and director who makes science and history films for Nova, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Discovery and the BBC. Olive has traveled the world recording the work of scientists and anthropologists.

Tamara Stubbs has been professionally recording sound for over 15 years. She specializes in science and factual documentaries. Tamara is also a qualified drone pilot and still photographer.

Claire Samuel is chief of back deck operations. She works for Deep Ocean Search, and has been working since 2008 on wreck and salvage operations. Claire and her team examine the data that the AUV gathers to find anomalies that might be the wreck.

Claire Grogan is an emergency medicine doctor with a passion for expedition and remote medicine. She has provided medical support for expeditions in many environments but is most at home in the polar regions.

Thapi Makgabutlane is an operational meteorologist from the South African Weather Service. She completed her undergraduate and honors degree at the University of Pretoria and has been working in Cape Town as a forecaster for four years.

Tahlia Henry is a trained sea-going technician with a MSc in physical oceanography from Nelson Mandela University. She has served aboard the SA Agulhas II before, conducting hydrographic research and sub-sea mooring operations.

Jessica Burger is a PhD candidate at the University of Cape Town (UCT), studying ocean and atmospheric science.

Raquel Flynn is an oceanography PhD student at the University of Cape Town.