One Country, Many Environments

How have people been adapting to this environment?:

People who are born in Puebla don't face any problems due to the altitude, but people who come to the area from lower altitudes go through a process called acclimatization. At first, they have to breathe faster to get enough oxygen into their bloodstreams. Over time, their bodies will produce more red blood cells to make up for the lack of oxygen in the air. I live near sea level in the United States, so breathing in Puebla was a challenge for me when I first arrived! The lack of oxygen is not noticeable until you try to do something simple like walk up a flight of stairs and then you find yourself, surprisingly, out of breath!

In addition to biological adaptations, science has also been able to help people both in Puebla and in Mérida be safer in the face of natural disasters. Modern technology helps scientists to predict when disasters will strike so that people can be prepared. Many people in Puebla have an app on their phones to alert them up to a minute before an earthquake strikes so that they have time to get to safety. Hurricanes can be predicted days in advance, giving people ample time to evacuate if necessary.

The environments in Puebla and Mérida both have their challenges, but millions of people call these cities their homes, and many of them would never think of leaving.

Mérida Mexico