Au Revoir, not Adieu

are you ready? You don’t have to board a plane in order to experience a different culture or explore a new perspective! Some other ways I “travel” are through trying a new cultural cuisine, watching a foreign film, or reading a book.

My favorite way to explore different cultural perspectives without boarding a plane is to talk to people. This is why I learned French and why I keep trying to improve my language skills. Listen to what someone from a different culture has to say! If English is their second language, tell them how cool it is to speak multiple languages. I’m so thankful to French people who speak slowly for me and give me encouragement even when I make mistakes. Adjusting to life in another culture or country isn’t easy. And a language barrier makes it even harder. Being able to laugh at your mistakes and share your experiences with others makes all the difference.  

I may soon say au revoir to the people of Le Puy, but I won’t say goodbye to learning from my failures, meeting new people, or trying to understand diverse perspectives. So au revoir, Le Puy and France, but certainly not adieu.