Other People Wish on Stars, Bahianos Wish on Ribbons

Why does the community have this tradition?:

The ribbon is meant to bring good luck and faith. The gates of the church are almost invisible because they are covered in ribbon. Visitors to the church tie them to the gates for the same reasons they tie it to their hands. My host mom has them tied on the doorknob of the front door as well as around the house. This shows how important religion is to the people of Salvador. The fitas are sold throughout the city, especially in Pelourinho.

Is this tradition connected to its environment? How?:

The religious importance of the bands is connected to Brazil as a Catholic country. Brazil was originally supposed to be called Santa Cruz, which translates to Holy Cross. The Europeans who came here many centuries ago brought Catholicism to the region. Catholicism played an important role in the making of the country it is today. Years later, the religion is still a significant part of the culture.