The Rice Bowl of Vietnam

Can Tho, Vietnam
10.045162200928, 105.746856689453
Journal Entry:

The Mekong Delta, also known as the "Rice Bowl of Vietnam," thrives off of environmental conditions that allow for many different fruits, vegetables and rice to grow in this fertile region. Nutrients flow into the soil from the mighty Mekong River, which starts in Tibet and flows all the way through southeast Asia into southern Vietnam before emptying into the ocean. Heavy rains and intense sunlight provide the conditions necessary for healthy harvests. Many people in the Mekong Delta rely on farming and fishing for survival. There are two types of fish in the Mekong Delta: "fish of the river" and "fish of the sea." Of course, there are many different types of fish, but no one seems to know their English names. Farmers and fishermen depend on their environment to make a living, so it is very important for them to have a healthy relationship with their natural surroundings.

There are several markets in Can Tho that sell fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood. Most of the products sold at the open-air markets come from the local environment in the Mekong Delta. In addition, street stalls sell fresh fruits, fish or seafood. Street life is bustling in Can Tho. The communal atmosphere on the streets of the Mekong Delta brings people together and forms the backbone of this community.