Arrival at the Sink Site

Weddell Sea, Antarctica
-71.187901000000, -45.000000000000
Journal Entry:

Hi, young explorers! It’s Tim, and I’m so happy to share that the S.A. Agulhas II has arrived at the sinking location of the Endurance in the Weddell Sea. Scientists onboard the ship had been closely monitoring the ice conditions using satellite photos, and they guided up along the easiest path to this spot. That doesn’t mean the path was easy. For those who have asked me why we sailed all the way from Cape Town instead of leaving from the southern tip of South America, this is the reason. This incredible ship! I was amazed to see how the S.A. Agulhas II effortlessly sliced through ice floes as thick as a mattress is long. Before today, no one could have told you for sure if we would make it this far. Fewer than five ships have visited this location in the 107 years since Endurance sank. This is an epic achievement, and credit goes to Captain Knowledge Bengu, Ice Pilot Freddie Lighthelm, the amazing Endurance22 Expedition science team and all of you for cheering us on!

It feels absolutely amazing to be writing to you from my cabin on deck six of a ship that is on top of 4-5 feet of ice, which is on top of 10,000 feet of water, which is on top of the most famous undiscovered shipwreck in the world.