Cleanest Air on Earth Expedition

Current Location

-37.3S 115E

What clues can the clouds above the Southern Ocean (between Australia and Antarctica) give us about how the natural world interacts with itself? Let's take to the high seas to find out! 


Here is what you can expect for weather, nature and news during a week in the Southern Ocean!


How do tiny microscopic organisms in the ocean affect clouds that are kilometers above the surface? In this article we explore how biology is linked to clouds in the Southern Ocean.

Field Notes

Let's discuss daily life aboard the Australian research vessel RV Investigator. This is much more than just a ship! Climb aboard as I show you how we live, work and relax at sea.


Re-connect LIVE with Kelsey and tour two of the onboard science labs! This is a deep-dive into the tool and methods Kelsey and colleagues use everyday to collect atmospheric data for their research.